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Zyprexa Labels May Need Stronger Warning

-August 6, 2008

According to reports, the current warnings on Eli Lily & Co’s labels for Zyprexa may need to be stronger.

Court documents claim the current labels may not do a sufficient job in warning patients of the risks linked to the antipsychotic.

Labels Updated in 2007

In October 2007, Lily added a warning to its packaging informing the public of the risk of weight gain associated with the medication.

More than half of patients in 13 studies gained 12 an average of 12 pounds after being on Zyprexa for less than a year.

The current labels explain that those taking the drug are at risk for very high blood-sugar levels.

Updated Labels Suggested

A recent letter written to Eli Lily suggests the labels be updated to link Zyprexa more directly to high blood-sugar and diabetes.

The letter reportedly stems for a lawsuit filed in Alaska claiming the drug manufacturers withheld information regarding the risks of the drug.

“We believe that it is in the best interest of the public health to make interim labeling changes now based on the data that we already have,” states the letter.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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  Whether or not Zyprexa and similar atypical antipsychotic drugs are linked to diabetes is a question that will be answered in the Zyprexa lawsuits that have been filed. Patients have reported deadly instances of Zyprexa side effects. There are 288 reported cases of Zyprexa diabetes cases, including 23 deaths. Zyprexa maker Eli Lilly has enjoyed large success with Zyprexa, with the drug currently the world’s top selling schizophrenia medication. The Zyprexa side effects causing Zyprexa lawsuits may begin slowing the company’s current financial success. For more information on Zyprexa side effects contact us.
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If you have taken Zyprexa and would like to know your legal rights, please CONTACT A ZYPREXA SIDE EFFECTS LAWYER.
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Notable Zyprexa Study Conclusions
Recent evidence suggest a link between newer class of antipsychotics (such as Zyprexa) and diabetes

Most studies linking Zyprexa and diabetes are case reports

Zyprexa is associated with a clinically important increased risk of diabetes.
After adjustment for relevant risk factors this association is significant

Doctors giving treatments should consider the metabolic consequences of Zyprexa<

If you have taken Zyprexa and would like to know your legal rights, please CONTACT A ZYPREXA SIDE EFFECTS LAWYER.