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Zyprexa Side Effects Report

Zyprexa Side Effects Reports

Australian Report
British Report
Japanese Report

Australian Zyprexa Side Effects Report
In 2000, the Australian Adverse Drug Reactions Advisory Committee reviewed Zyprexa side effects reports. Zyprexa was first marketed in Australia in mid-1997 and the agency had received 327 suspected Zyprexa side effect reports. The committee was most concerned with the serious Zyprexa side effects occurring, including white blood cells disorders, convulsions, and neuroleptic malignant syndrome.

The Australian Zyprexa report noted that the U.S. professional Zyprexa product information indicated seizures occurred in premarketing clinical trials at an incidence considered a frequent adverse drug reaction. Contact us for more information on Zyprexa side effects and withdrawal.

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British Zyprexa Side Effects Report
In 2001, British physicians that were developing schizophrenia treatment guidelines with atypical antipsychotics like Zyprexa, found no “clear evidence that they are more effective or better tolerated than older, conventional antipsychotics.” The conclusion was drawn after what was described as an “extensive effort” of reviewing randomized controlled clinical trials to assemble the results of many published studies on schizophrenia treatments.

A British epidemiologist recognized that there is often an overwhelming amount of contradictory information that makes it difficult for physicians, patients, and others to decipher, as with Zyprexa. The Zyprexa study authors final recommendation was to first use conventional antipsychotics. The authors noted that in the U.S., comparative safety and effectiveness studies between old and new drugs are not required for drug approval, thus allowing approval to occur without evidence of increased effectiveness to already existent treatment options. This “flaw”, as some people consider it, lets less effective and even dangerous drugs on the market, which some experts believe is evident by Zyprexa.

In the April 2002 Current Problems in Pharmacovigilance, the British FDA equivalence warned of the Zyprexa diabetes risks after receiving 40 reports of Zyprexa hyperglycemia, diabetes, or worsening diabetes. The Zyprexa reports led to ketoacidosis and coma, or both, as well as one death, in four of the patients. British regulators had the Zyprexa product labeling include information about diabetes and ketoacidosis risks and that patients be monitored for hyperglycemia. Contact us for more information on Zyprexa side effects.

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Japanese Zyprexa Side Effects Report
In April 2002, the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare issued emergency safety information regarding Zyprexa and hyperglycemia resulting in diabetic ketoacidosis and coma. After Japanese authorities received nine reports of serious Zyprexa hyperglycemia, including two deaths, they issued a product labeling change. In the U.S., there have been 384 reports of diabetes, including 23 deaths, yet the FDA has only issued a product labeling revision in March 2002 that made just brief mention to diabetes and hyperglycemia risks that is practically hidden in the adverse reactions section. Contact us for more information on Zyprexa side effects.

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Zyprexa and diabetes link
  Whether or not Zyprexa and similar atypical antipsychotic drugs are linked to diabetes is a question that will be answered in the Zyprexa lawsuits that have been filed. Patients have reported deadly instances of Zyprexa side effects. There are 288 reported cases of Zyprexa diabetes cases, including 23 deaths. Zyprexa maker Eli Lilly has enjoyed large success with Zyprexa, with the drug currently the world’s top selling schizophrenia medication. The Zyprexa side effects causing Zyprexa lawsuits may begin slowing the company’s current financial success. For more information on Zyprexa side effects contact us.
Legal Rights
If you have taken Zyprexa and would like to know your legal rights, please CONTACT A ZYPREXA SIDE EFFECTS LAWYER.
Zyprexa Side Effects Reports!
Notable Zyprexa Study Conclusions
Recent evidence suggest a link between newer class of antipsychotics (such as Zyprexa) and diabetes

Most studies linking Zyprexa and diabetes are case reports

Zyprexa is associated with a clinically important increased risk of diabetes.
After adjustment for relevant risk factors this association is significant

Doctors giving treatments should consider the metabolic consequences of Zyprexa<

If you have taken Zyprexa and would like to know your legal rights, please CONTACT A ZYPREXA SIDE EFFECTS LAWYER.